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Firefighting and Role Model

Ryan Derdak English 1A Cataldo M, W, F Career Essay Firefighting is a profession that can cause somebody to feel pleased and achieved. Being a fireman requires physical wellness, experience, readiness, and the capacity to manage the activity sincerely just as truly. It’s likewise a vocation that is very much regarded in the public arena. I decide to be a fireman, since I need to have the option to help other people, have benefits for my family, and be a good example for somebody to gaze upward to. To me, being a fireman would be a fantasy come true.This profession would allow me to be taken a gander at, as one of America’s legends. There is no better inclination at that point being able to help other people when they’re out of luck. The principle reason firemen are so regarded is on the grounds that their one occupation is to risked their lives to spare others. Subsequent to perceiving how the firemen helped everybody during 9/11, I realized this was the professi on for me. A definitive compensation of being a fireman will be seeing the grins, delight, and moan of alleviation on people’s faces when I help them in need.There are many individuals out there who wouldn’t hazard their lives for other people, which is the reason just a chosen few can satisfy the necessities of this activity. Having work that has incredible advantages for my family and me is consistently a worry. Fortunately the advantages of risking my life do pay off. Turning into a fireman has the potential for me to make up to $150,000 every year. Alongside the extraordinary pay, it offers an incredible benefits, deep rooted clinical inclusion, development openings, adaptable work routine, and as long as about a month paid vacation.More significantly then the funds, is having an adaptable work routine that can let me invest energy with my family too. Finding the opportunity to invest energy with the family is the most significant advantage in light of the fact tha t there’s no assurance that I’m going to get back from the activity free from any potential harm. In life everybody needs a good example to gaze upward to. A persuasive good example in someone’s life can help figure out what sort of individual somebody they’re going to be the point at which they get older.Firefighters are a standout amongst other good examples for children to turn upward to, in light of the fact that firemen are viewed as a saint in American culture. There’s a motivation behind why children get energized when they see a fire engine, or why they go up to firemen and request stickers. In the event that I can impact in any event one individual by being a fireman, I’ll realize that I accomplished something directly throughout everyday life. Turning into a fireman isn’t simply any occupation; it’s a vocation that I have a great deal of regard for.Unfortunately the way to turning into a fireman won’t be a simp le errand since it requires physical wellness, planning, experience, and the capacity to manage the activity inwardly. It would likewise permit me to help other people, give advantages to my family, and give me the possibility be a compelling good example for somebody to turn upward to. Finding the opportunity to do this kind of employment and appreciate each second is something that everybody ought to be permitted to involvement with life. This is likewise a vocation that can better me in general. The day that I become a fireman is the day I start another experience in my life.

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Iban Battuta Essays - Ibn Battuta, Mujaddid, Travelers, Moors

Iban Battuta Ross Dunn/Travels of Ibn Battuta A 5 page examination of The Adventures of Ibn Battuta, a Muslim Traveler of the Fourteenth Century by Ross Dunn. The essayist relates how Dunn utilizes the records of Abu Abdallah Ibn Battuta to bring alive the Muslim universe of the Middle Ages. No extra sources refered to. Filename: 99ibn.wps Ibn Battuta: The Man and His Perceptions A 5 page conversation of Ibn Battuta, the incredible pilgrim of the 1300s. Infers that in spite of the fact that Battuta went more than 75,000 miles during his lifetime, to a great extent by walking or by horseback, he permitted his own social standards and recognitions to diminish his comprehension of the way of life and individuals he met. Book index records 2 sources. Filename: PPbattut.wps Ibn Battuta: His Travels and Perceptions A 8 page framework of the broad goes of this Islamic scholarly in the fourteenth century. Relates his view of the individuals and the way of life which he experiences, observations which were molded generally by his own Islamic foundation. List of sources records 2 sources. Filename: PPbattuS.wps Exercises for the Leaders of the World This 5 page paper takes a gander at the three well known scholarly works Gilgamesh, Oedipus and Hayy Ibn Yaqzan and relates them to the job world pioneers play. The ongoing idea in these works is the significance of popular conclusion. Contemporary instances of genuine pioneers are additionally talked about. Reference index records 3 sources. Filename: SA43Lead.wps The History Of Islamic Capture Of Spain 15 pages long. When Spain was changed over to Islam, North African armed forces were instrumental in starting the hundreds of years long Moorish age. Seven eleven was the year that Tarik ibn Zizad and his military of twelve thousand officers entered Spain. The Berber and Tangier senator showed up as visitors of a Visigothic tribe so as to add their help to King Roderic's looming rising; nonetheless, when the lord eventually met his destiny while in fight, he left Spain without a pioneer. The author talks about the events after the Islamic catch of Spain. List of sources records 8 sources. Filename: IslamSpn.wps Folklore Essays

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How to Manage Increase Customer Retention

How to Manage Increase Customer Retention The success of your business comes from your customers â€" in fact your entire business existence depends upon them. Your business has come into being to solve some needs of your customers in a way that is unique; in a way that your customers get value from the consumption of your products or services. How effectively you are able to do this and how consistently you are able to do this determines the success of your business in the long-run.The ability to attract customers can get business for you in the initial years of operation; however, your long-term viability is determined by how well you can keep your customers coming back to you and doing business with you. © | BoBaa22In this article, we will touch upon 1) what is customer retention, 2) why do we need to retain customers, 3) customer retention strategies management, and 4) conclusion.WHAT IS CUSTOMER RETENTION?A business starts operating by attracting and acquiring customers and then expands efforts to keep them coming back for future purchases. Keeping current customers in customer database and turning them into repeat customers is called customer retention.Just as a business makes strategies to attract customers, it also makes strategies to retain customers. Customer retention is all about creating and maintaining long-term relationships with your customers. The customer retention rate is inversely proportional to your defection rate â€" the rate at which people leave you. The lower your defection rate is, the greater will be your customer retention rate because your customers will be highly satisfied with your offering and thus doing business with you.However, calc ulation of customer retention rate is a bit more complicated than it appears to be on the surface. This is because not all customers do an equal amount of business with you. Some customers account for the greater number of sales than others. Therefore, if you are losing five of your customers but these five were the ones bringing in 25 percent of sales for you then in fact by losing these five customers you are losing much more in terms of sale. On the other hand, if these five customers cost you more than the sales they were bringing â€" then good riddance!In order to cater for this complexity, customer retention rate can be calculated using three measures:Retention Rate (Raw Customer): Calculation of the number of customers carrying out business operations with you at the end of the year as a percentage of number of customers doing transactions with you at the beginning of the year;Retention Rate (Sales-Adjusted): The worth of sales generated by retained customers that is a percen tage of the total value of sales generated by all customers doing transaction with you at the beginning of the year;Retention Rate (Profit-Adjusted): The amount of profit earned from retained customers that is a percentage of the total profit generated by all customers doing transactions with you at the start of the year.WHY DO WE NEED TO RETAIN CUSTOMERS?Did you know that acquiring new customers is 7 times more costly than retaining customers? The best way to retain customers is through superior customer service because as stats suggest, 71 percent of customers end the relationship with an organization when they receive poor customer service.On a global basis, a lost customer is worth about $243. And what do 61 percent of customers who leave you do? They go to your competitors â€" as the famous saying goes that if you do not take care of your customers, someone else will!The above stats clearly suggest that it is important for businesses to understand and implement techniques that help in creating loyal customers who can be retained. There are various other benefits that are offshoots of customer retention, including:Positive Word-of-Mouth Generation â€" retained customers who have had positive experiences with you, become your brand ambassadors and will not shy away from giving your business, a positive feedback, and reviews. They will talk positively about you amongst family and friends and post positive online comments regarding you. The customers you retain generate positive word of mouth concerning your business.Lower Customer Acquisition Costs â€" Since you develop a positive reputation in the market â€" courtesy positive word of mouth generated by retained customers â€" it does not cost you too much to convince new customers to do business with you since they are already aware of your business and your quality through word-of-mouth. So you need not spend too much on convincing new customers to do business transactions with you.Increased Sales Revenue â€" The cumulative effect of customer retention leads to an increase in sales and overall revenue you generate because not only would retain customers do business with you through repurchases, they will also bring in new customers for you. Also, your loyal customers will be more willing to buy other products and services from you.Increase Referrals â€" Retained customers would not hesitate in referring their friends and family to you. Whichever industry you are operating in, your retained customers would believe that you are the expert in that particular industry and would refer their friends and family to you in a heartbeat! Studies show that the more business a customer does with you, the more referrals they make as well.A Measure of Customer Satisfaction â€" The more retained customers you have, the safer it is to say that your customers are satisfied because obviously unsatisfied customers will not be retained. Satisfied customers get comfortable making their purchases from you. Customer Loyalty â€" Retained customers become your loyal customers, and loyal customers are more trustworthy of your products/services and are thus willing to pay higher prices for the same quality if need be. They are also less likely to take their business elsewhere in case you increase your prices.CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES MANAGEMENTCustomer retention strategies are aimed at helping you retain customers. Here are a few things you can do:a.     Build Brand RecognitionMake your brand known to customers so that whenever they require any product or service, they immediately remember you as the provider of that particular product or service. The way to do this is to become an expert in your field, regardless of what it is that you sell to your customers.Customers get retained with market leaders and market experts. This is because when you gain the repute of being the expert in your industry, customers start trusting your quality and, therefore, prefer to do business with you in the long term.Another way of making your brand known in the market to an extent where customers start recognizing is to stand for something. This can be a charitable cause, a social purpose, or projection of any value or positive trait of your business, so people start associating that value to your business. By standing for something meaningful, you will yourself stand out amongst your competitors and have more customers do repeat business with you.b.     Know What Your Customers LikeIt is all about meeting and exceeding expectations. However, how will you do that if you do not know what your customers’ expectations are? Ask specific questions from customers regarding their purchase experience with you and ask for suggestions that can help improve their experience of doing business with you.Take a deep note of the feedback you receive â€" read between the lines and gain a deeper understanding of what customers are expecting. Take note of things that are not up to their expectati ons and work towards improving them, so you are able to retain customers by winning their satisfaction. Also, if there are misleading expectations in their mind, which you will never fulfill, it is best to clarify the customers regarding these misconceptions so they can correct their expectations from you rather than get disappointed.Your customers’ experience with you should be as painless and as free from friction as possible â€" make an effort to do so. Conservative spenders find it difficult to part with their money â€" they feel guilty when they spend. In order to convince them to spend and to reduce these feelings of guilt, you must reduce the pain and friction associated with making a business transaction.You can do this for your customers by giving them bundle offers or by using reassuring words such as ‘costs $400 only’ and ‘negligible service charges of $25’. Such words make customers feel they are not overspending, help in justifying their purchase and also make them feel that they are getting a good deal.A personalized purchase experience delights customers. Personalize the experiences of regular customers at your company, so the customers feel important and valued, and feel like their interests are being given weightage.c.     Monitor/Track Metrics for Customer RetentionYou must have heard the famous saying ‘you cannot improve what you cannot measure. By this definition, unless you measure customer retention, you will not be able to improve it.You can measure customer retention by predetermining and predefining Key Performance Indicators (KPI) regarding your customer service. By measuring execution of customer service against these KPIs can help you track or monitor your performance as a business and give you an insight as to what the chances are that your customer will get retained with you, based on how well you achieved your KPIs.The more KPIs you achieved, the better customer service you delivered during the period thus, the more c hances you have of retaining customers during the period.Also, you must remember that an improvement in customer service can help enhance customer retention rates. Therefore, whichever KPIs of customer service you lack behind, improve upon them and see a surge in your customer retention.Even though there may be different formulas for calculating customer retention rate, the most widely used formula requires you to know:CE â€" Number of customers at the year’s endCN â€" Number of new customers acquired during the yearCS â€" Number of customers with whom you started the year withCR = {(CE â€" CN) ÷ CS } X 100This means that your customer retention rate can be calculated by dividing the difference between the number customers at the end of the year (60) and the number of new customers of the period (20) with number of customers at the beginning of the year (50). Turning this amount (0.8) into the percentage by multiplying with 100 will give you your retention rate (80%).d.     Offer Loyalty ProgramsYour customers are looking to get value for their money by doing business with you. The more value they feel, the easier it will be for you to retain them and make them come back to you for repeat purchases. Ideally, every business looks out for ways to add value for customers without having to add to their cost. A way of doing this is by offering loyalty programs as a reward for their loyalty.Loyalty rewards are directly proportional to the amount of spending â€" so the more your customer spends, the higher the reward. The frequent flyer programs are designed based on this philosophy. Offering gift vouchers to customers is another example of loyalty awards. When customers are rewarded for the loyalty they show towards a business, they get further motivated to become even stronger loyal customers.There are five types of values you need to understand so you can create them for your customers:Cash Value â€" How much cash would your customers be offering to pay in exch ange for the reward they will receive for it. Is that worth it?Redemption Value â€" what is the depth of the rewards they will be getting? What variety of rewards are you offering?Aspirational Value â€" What is the desire of your customer for wanting the reward you have set for them?Relevance Value â€" How relevant are the rewards for your customers? Are they achievable and realistic?Convenience Value â€" How easy is it for participants to get their rewards.e.     Foster Positive Relationships with the CustomersHow well you bond with your customers is a highly important factor that can help you with retaining them. The more familiar your customers become with you, the greater the bond they form with you â€" a positive relationship with your customers is going to help you retain them.Healthy and positive interpersonal relationships generate trust and win the commitment of the customers towards your business. They also help in reducing uncertainty in the minds of customers regarding y our products/services. By consciously trying to create a bond with customers by fostering positive relationships, you can improve your customer retention rates.f.     Quality Matters More Than SpeedIt does not matter how fast you are going if you are going in the wrong direction because regardless of your speedy travel, you will not have reached your desired destination. Therefore, the quality of your customer service is more important the speed of your customer service, per say.A Gallup survey reveals that customers are nine times more likely engaged in businesses whose customer service they perceive to be courteous, helpful, reasonable, and willing. So speed is a secondary factor whereas giving quality service is the primary factor that helps in customer retention and improves customer retention rate.g.     Embrace Low-Cost MethodIdeally, customer retention can help you save costs by making you spend lesser on your advertising efforts and on other efforts required to attract new c ustomers. Out of the various customer retention strategies and ideas available with you, invest on those which you can easily afford. By embracing a low-cost method, you will ensure getting good value for your money by investing as little as possible for benefits that you enjoy in the shape of increased customer retention rates.CONCLUSIONCustomer retention strengthens your business in the marketplace by providing you a following of loyal customers that stick with you. Change how you approach customers because studies say that you can avoid customers leaving you just by listening to what they have to say regarding the product/service, you are offering. Listening to their feedback makes them feel valued, and you never know you might come across a productive change as a result of listening to your customers’ feedback! Improvements as a result of listening to customers’ feedback can delight your customers, enable you to meet their expectations in a better way and at the end of the d ay, retain customers for your business!All businesses these days work hard towards increasing their customer retention rates by coming up with new and improved retention strategies. This effort is worth it and repays the business because the longer you retain a customer, the greater profitability they generate for your business because the value of your customers increases with time. This is a huge incentive for businesses to invest in their customer retention strategies because they know they will be getting a return on their investment soon.Starting with design and implementation of customer retention strategies in earlier years of business operation will help you reap the benefits quicker. The longer you take to focus on customer retention, the longer it will take to win customer loyalty and the more time it will take you to reap the benefits of customer retention. So start early and manage customer retention effectively!

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The Characteristics of Essay Topics for 10th Grade

<h1> The Characteristics of Essay Topics for tenth Grade</h1> <h2> Things You Should Know About Essay Topics for tenth Grade</h2> <p>Keep at the top of the priority list you will need to break down contentions and proof for your article to appear to be acceptable. At the point when you are done with your exposition, you should not simply check it for spelling and syntactic blunders, however in any case, it likewise must be checked for sensible misrepresentations. Evaluation 10 exposition group such a paper should have a couple huge areas. In this sort of circumstance, it's progressively helpful to find instant articles and use them for instance. </p> <p>There are heaps of viewpoints about a game that might be contended in an exposition. As a matter of first importance, endeavor to choose a contentious exposition theme that rouses you and can offer you enough materials to investigate. </p> <p>Having chose a better subject than contend about, now you should make a factious article layout. In the event that you accept that you won't can complete your paper by the cutoff time, you don't see much with respect to the article subject or you simply don't care for this assortment of assignments, you should go to proficient essayists for help. Composing an incredible paper may be a touch of cake in the event that you are feeling propelled. Conceptualize proposals and make notes. </p> <p>Some individuals may feel that the superb substance might be composed on any subject and the paper achievement is needy just on the authority of the essayist. From among the influential discourse points recorded here, select the one which you are most all around educated about or ensure you have the time important to explore and set up an intensive discourse that covers each feature of the subject. Irrefutably the most quiet area for you 84. A creature which you are frightened of 29. </p> <p>The cost of an exposition rides on the amount of exertion the essayist needs to apply. The perfect thing about a contentious paper which contains social issues is that you may portray your individual experience working on this issue of the genuine case. Whatever the subject that you're investigating in your factious exposition, following standards of the structure should be kept up to have a conventional level. At the finish of these rundown, you will find connects to an assortment of contentious passages and essays.</p> <h2> Want to Know More About Essay Topics for tenth Grade? </h2> <p>Bear at the top of the priority list a gathering isn't generally the most ideal way. You may begin searching for grouped family points to form your factious article on in the occasion you think that its hard to manage some family duties. Without a doubt the most paramount school occasion in the current year 7. </p> <p>Argue not all athletes can get phenome nal mentors. An individual which you have extraordinary regard for 4. </p> <p>Inside my experience, spellbinding expositions are just troublesome with respect to choosing exactly what things to expound on. Regardless of whether you're an authority in a specific field, don't be reluctant to utilize and refer to outside sources. Clearly, points which are as yet pertinent in 2018 are the absolute best. With the help of our tips for composing and our fascinating assortment of subjects, you're ensured to have a high evaluation! </p> <p>The basic explanation numerous essayists fall flat is they don't go further. You should take a gander at an errand to find a subject not an issue but rather a chance and even an advantage. The alternatives are perpetual. Choosing an easy theme may end up being a mistaken track since you may experience issues finding tenable sources to help your views.</p> <h2> Essay Topics for tenth Grade - Dead or Alive? </h2> <p>Red Indians are the sole genuine Americans. A lot of understudies put on a uniform. </p> <p>The reward will be a high evaluation. The lack of predominant help sources will end in a diminishing grade.</p> <p>Writing about atomic weapons is consistently a magnificent thought. Americans assume responsibility for the north. </p>

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Why Everybody Is Wrong Regarding Writing Essay Art and Why You Should Read This Document

<h1> Why Everybody Is Wrong Regarding Writing Essay Art and Why You Should Read This Document </h1> <h2> The Fight Against Writing Essay Art</h2> <p>When an exposition was made individual, it would be a more straightforward read. To get a decent final result, it ought to be reexamined altogether. Your article should have an ideal wrapping up. There are a few distinct sorts of papers that are utilized in the present century. </p> <p>Essay Types The absolute first thing you should note is that there are different sorts of papers. While it's in every case best to utilize cites, particularly from cloud essential sources, to exhibit you have perused broadly, you ought to be certain heaps of the article is written in your words, else you may be blamed for cheating. Numerous scholastics like you to introduce your answer in the presentation and clarify it in the rest of the paper. </p> <p>When you know about how to create a craftsmanship paper, you will perceive that it's imperative to ensure your subtleties are intelligent and chosen with care and they help to work to the essential point you're attempting to make. It's savvy to expound on a genuine display rather than about a nonexistent spot. A survey is planned to assess centerpieces. </p> <p>Your exposition should be appropriately overhauled and altered. Before you start composing any article, it is essential that you first know the kind of exposition you're composing. In any case, you need to appreciate what's a craftsmanship paper. Last, a workmanship exposition is inadequate without a suitable end. </p> <p>A expressive examination will familiarize you with some of the greater recorded patterns and powers in the way of life and the manner in which they affected the development of workmanship. Moreover, when directing the examination, you understand the objective of the craftsman. While an exposition is a major undertaking, there are bunches of stages an understudy can bring which will help separate the assignment into sensible segments. For example, in the event that you're probably going to expound on a sheet of design, at that point you have to make reference to angles like materials, size, shape, work. </p> <p>Many individuals imagine that the expressive arts are elitist. One other significant preferred position for kids while rehearsing craftsmanship is that it gives a medium by w hich they can communicate their feelings and sentiments. They have to have a parity all things considered to encourage a solid advancement both intellectually and truly. </p> <p>There are a great deal of workmanship paper composing themes to choose from. There are a few fascinating and testing Shakespeare article themes to pick from. The workmanship paper composing aide can in like manner be utilized to discover more regarding the matter of craftsmanship exposition composing steps. Composing a craftsmanship analysis article may transform into an inconvenient endeavor for various understudies. </p> <p>Biographical Essays will allow the author who has figured out how to make a craftsmanship article to examine the craftsman's individual life and the manner in which it impacts their work. In the event that you are certain that your paper will be reliant on an earlier research, you must be versed with all what acquires in that former research. The article shouldn't be excessively long. </p> <p>You see, the shows of English expositions are to some degree more equation based than you may might suspect and, in an assortment of ways, it tends to be as simple as checking to five. Attempt to recollect that composing is an extraordinary strategy to communicate. It's unnecessary to make reference to that English paper composing is a particular sort of abstract craftsmanship, and requirements an incredibly imaginative soul notwithstanding admirably as an innovative technique for composing. Paper composing is an incredible technique to disguise the realities which has been heard or perused. </p> <h2> Ok, I Think I Understand Writing Essay Art, Now Tell Me About Writing Essay Art! </h2> <p>Even however the end section comes at the finish of your paper it should not be viewed as an untimely idea. It's insightful to make it before you begin composing the genuine paper since the entirety of your body passages should be legitimately associated with your theory articulation. In the event that your exposition is depicting a procedure, including how to make a gigantic chocolate cake, ensure your sections fall organized appropriately. It is pivotal to create the presentation a reasonable and restricted explanation in order to hold onto the enthusiasm of the peruser. </p> <p>Starting off any paper is kind of issue. The absolute first thing about the exposition is that it's an abstract work that is indefinable in nature. To compose average body passages you ought to have a total depiction of the bit of craftsmanship. In case y ou're given the subject, you should consider the type of paper that you wish to deliver. </p> <p>For example, your paper may focus on how the provincial ranch photography of Walker Evans may want to concoct the Farm Security Administration. Workmanship has been a piece of our life for such a long time as mankind has existed. Paper Question Art is viewed as a significant segment of a general public along with a declaration of its way of life. </p> <p>Art class is an amazing area for understudies to get their hands occupied and communicate. It has some commonsense purposes. It is a brilliant hotspot for paper thoughts. You could likewise focus on how their craft was empowered throughout the most recent couple of years and how various them have been perceived when they have passed on. </p> <h2> Up in Arms About Writing Essay Art?</h2> <p>Art has loads of types, and for certain you would be wise to pick a particular craftsmanship field ins tead of compose a paper that by and large talks about workmanship. Along these lines, how about we investigate craftsmanship study definition. </p>

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Essay Topics For Sports and Society

Essay Topics For Sports and SocietyGood essay topics that are not only intellectually challenging but also fun to write about are critical for a student's success in high school. If you think that sports and society are not a good topic for your essay, you may want to think again. Let's see why you should consider writing about sports and society in your college application essay.The first reason why you should be writing about sports and society with the topics of sports and society is because it provides a good and interesting reading material for high school students. Many students these days are spending less time in the classroom and more time playing sports with their friends. Having such an extensive exposure to sports and society can provide them with the experience they need to do well in their high school studies. Therefore, you should not hesitate to write about these subjects in your college application essay.The second reason is that the essay will not only give you an o pportunity to write about a topic that you are familiar with but also, you will have to do well on the academic test. If you already know how to write well about sports and society, then you should expect that you would fare better on the writing test than the average student. Thus, having this knowledge can help you improve your score on the application essay.There are many reasons why having a good sports subject as essay topics is helpful to your high school applications. We will enumerate some of them below.First of all, essay topics that are more focused on the sport can bring up different ideas and perspectives on the topic. The topics can be good ways to show your knowledge on a particular topic. This can make the essay as interesting as you can actually help convey information to the reader about the topic.Second, essay topics that are based on sports and society will give you the opportunity to talk about some of the key topics of your college admissions essays. This is bec ause a lot of your essay topics will be focused on sports and society. By talking about issues like issues of education, work-life balance, nutrition, health, etc., you can give your reader some insights that he or she cannot get from reading other sections of your college applications. You can also talk about sports that are relevant to your college selection or your college application.Third, essay topics based on sports and society can help students see how much sports and society have contributed to our modern society. They can see how sports and society were the basis of many things like running, walking, diving, etc.These are just a few reasons why students should consider sports and society in their college applications. They can see that the essay topics they write can bring up several perspectives on the topic. These essays are also a great way to help you express your expertise on the topics of sports and society.